• Psalms 42:1

    மானானது நீரோடைகளை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுவதுபோல, தேவனே, என் ஆத்துமா உம்மை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுகிறது

  • Psalms 42:1

    மானானது நீரோடைகளை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுவதுபோல, தேவனே, என் ஆத்துமா உம்மை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுகிறது

  • Psalms 42:1

    மானானது நீரோடைகளை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுவதுபோல, தேவனே, என் ஆத்துமா உம்மை வாஞ்சித்துக் கதறுகிறது

Church Choir

Praise and Worship is an Integral part of a Church service. Within a month of the establishment of the Church, our Church Choir emerged. It was a simple and humble beginning with a handful of members. Now we have around twenty members wholeheartedly spending their God-given talents and time in practicing and singing for the Glory of God in all the services.

From 2016 till date, Mr. Josephine Shaji is the Choir master and Organist teaching four parts to the members. Because of his pure dedication, ours is one of the best choirs in UAE. He is ably supported by Mr. Joni Miller

Junior Church

Junior Church was started in May 2007 and conducted regularly. At present, we have Infants to Senior classes with 48 students and 8 teachers. “Green Pastures”—the Kanyakumari Diocese Sunday school syllabus is followed here. Mrs.Priya Joseph is the Secretary of the Junior Church.

Every year Singing, Elocution & Memory verse competitions are conducted in the last week of November for the children. Junior church exams are also conducted twice a year. Children conduct special service on World Sunday School Day every year.

Women's fellowship

Women’s fellowship was started in the year 2011 with few members and now we have more than 30 members attending the meetings conducted every 2nd and 4th Fridays after Church services. They follow the women fellowship syllabus of Kanyakumari Diocese and have two tests for memory verses and two tests based on the syllabus.

Members conduct a special service for Women day. Mrs.Angeline Sheeba, wife of our Pastor is the President and Mrs. Rosemine Kiruba serves as the Secretary of the fellowship.

Camp Ministries

When few members came out of a particular Church because of the district, caste, status issues, the most affected were the camp members. as they were deprived of proper transportation, while other members with families, used their own cars to come to Church! To make them attend the church services regularly, the new church was started and once again transportation was arranged to pick and drop them from their camps in different emirates. At present seven buses are sent to different locations in UAE to bring them for Church services and more than 50% of our income is spent for their transportation. Right from the beginning, the selfless and dedicated work of our Pastors and committee members, has increased the number of members attending the church services every year.

Despite many camp members returning to India due to family issues or lose of job, nearly 125 members presently attend our services regularly using our transport.

Highlights of our ministry among camp members

  • 1. Every Sunday, we have a prayer meeting in one of the halls in Sonapur, where members residing in that area attend regularly. The committee members also participate with enthusiasm despite their busy schedule of work.
  • 2. Our pastor conducts the prayer meeting, shares the Word of God and leads the members in prayer.
  • 3. Apart from this, prayer cells are conducted once in a month in Jurf (Ajman), Bazar (UAQ), Saja, ENG(Behind city center, Sharjah), Lulu(Ajman), on stipulated date and time. Through these meetings, many have been touched and have mended their ways. They not only have begun attending the services but have brought new members to the fold. Even other people attend our camp prayers and few of them have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior
  • 4. At Christmas time, a special Christmas program is arranged for the camp members to make them feel at home as they are away from their families.
  • 5. During the second week of May, camp members conduct the church service with special songs, a picnic is arranged exclusively for them.
  • 6. People struggling with drug addiction and liquor addiction are given counselling and prayer support during the camp prayers.
  • 7. Our Church provides financial assistance with those who struggle to meet their expenses due to irregular salaries.
  • 8. Our Church also provides flight tickets and necessary support to those who lose their jobs suddenly and wish to return to India
  • 9. Finally our parish also provides medical support to those who do not have a medical insurance Thus, our parish lives up to the word of GOD where our Lord Jesus Christ says “Let your light show shine before men”

Missionary Works

As a Church, we are mission-oriented and sponsoring two missionaries at present with our limited resources. We started to sponsor an FMPB missionary at the beginning for two years, but later it was stopped abruptly due to lack of communication between the Church and mission organization.

At present, we are sponsoring one missionary for RGPM and one for Vishwavani regularly. They send their monthly reports regularly and even the leaders of the mission organization visit our Church once a year to strengthen the ties. God willing, we are planning to sponsor one more missionary from January 2020.

Cottage Prayer

Cottage prayer is conducted in the third Friday of every month from 7 pm to 8 pm in one of the houses of the church members. Now more than 70 people attend each meeting.

  • a) The members of the congregation host House Church (cottage prayer) in their houses on special occasions.
  • b) The Pastor shares the Word of God in these meetings

Fasting Prayer

Monthly fasting prayer meeting is conducted in the 2nd Friday of every month from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Singing, Sharing the Word of God, Witnessing Time & praying for various prayer requests is the key element. Lunch is served by church or sometimes sponsored by one of the Church members.